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Press Release January 8, 2016

Press Release

January 8, 2016

Serving our citizens and customers; investing in growth, progress and the future

In a review of 2015 progress to goals, we are pleased with the work and dedication of our City employees and their service to our citizens and customers last year. We feel that we have accomplished a lot but always want to stretch ourselves more in providing great services and upgrading the City’s infrastructure, utilities and long term goals. Many of the utility systems are quite old and in need of upgrade and in some cases in need of additional capacity. We will continue to be efficient and fiscally sound with the assets that our citizens and customers have entrusted to us. And we also want to invest in the future. The list of activities and accomplishments in 2015 is long, diverse and many of the projects have been of high complexity:

*Replaced 2000 feet of aged water main on Cherokee Street
*Replaced 2100 feet of aged water main on Thompson Street
*Replaced 4000 feet of aged water main on Foster Mill Drive (which included relocating services)
*Engineered 12,000 feet of new water main to the new Walker County Industrial Park
*Installed 600 feet of new water main on McCarter Road for the Unique Fabricating business expansion
*Installed a new 2 million gallon concrete water tank on Reservoir Hill and replaced water lines connecting the tank to the water treatment plant down Henderson Street along with 4000 feet of new water main.
*A water conservation leak detection study was conducted (through grant funding at no cost to the City) which identified issues in the aged water infrastructure and saved 49 million gallons of water per year.
*Installed a new wastewater treatment plant sludge holding tank at the pumping station
*Rehabilitated the wastewater treatment plant water clarifier
*Replaced a 1986 tractor used for sludge hauling
*Replaced an obsolete Land Applicator “Gator” for sludge application
*Repaired 17 aged and significantly damaged monuments in the cemetery through Perpetual Care Fund
*Upgraded 169 natural gas service lines
*Installed new natural gas regulator station on Foster Mill Drive to enable expansion south
*Added 99 new utility services
*Paving on Cherokee Street
*Paving on Foster Mill Drive
*Paving on Ryan Avenue
*Paving on Chestnut Street
*Replaced 80 electric distribution poles
*Completed safety rebuild on an electric bucket truck
*Trimmed vegetation on 21 miles of electric lines
*Installed 6 new dugout roofs at Lowell Greene Park
*Installed a new sidewalk ramp at Lowell Greene Park
*Began transformation of Ross Abney Complex

Projects that we didn’t complete last year as planned were paving on Thompson Street (due primarily to the Barwick fire) but that is still in the plan to complete. We were also unable to build sidewalks on Cherokee Street as scheduled but that is also still in the plan.

As most citizens know, City assets and team members responded to a few emergency situations such as 2 major storms and multiple fires, the largest being Barwick Mills.

Some of this 2015 progress can be readily seen and some is less visible (such as utilities underground). Our efforts and investment are a part of our ongoing commitment to citizen and customer service, economic development, growth and enhancing the quality of life in our community.

We thank our citizens for their support and our City team for all their hard work. And we look forward to a productive 2016.

Truck Driver/Maintenance Worker Position Available!

The City of Lafayette Water and Sewer Department has a position available. We are now accepting applications for the position of Truck Driver/Maintenance worker for the wastewater treatment plant.

Job Requirements are as follows:

Valid Driver’s License, Ability to pass a physical exam, able to work in all types of weather conditions, and the ability to obtain a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) in a reasonable time. A current CDL is a plus. Experience is preferred but not required. Applicant must be able to read and write.

This is a full time, permanent position with  benefits. Applications are available at City Hall located at 207 S. Duke Street, Lafayette, GA.

The City of Lafayette is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Scare on the Square Pole Banners

Scare on the Square banner


















We are excited to announce the 4th banner in the Buy-A-Banner series. The Scare on the Square pole banners were approved at June City Council, and will debut these fall. These banners will be installed on existing hardware and will be on display from October 1st-November 15th.

The Buy-A-Banner program  began in 2013 with the purchase of 38 business sponsored pole banners. The business banner is the main banner on display in different times of the year with special event banners such as the Christmas Parade, Freedom Festival and now the Scare on the Square banner.

All special event banners are 100% through hotel/motel tax funds. Here’s our pole banner schedule:

Pole Banner Rotation schedule will be as follows (once all event banners are purchased)

Jan 1-Feb 28 Business Pole Banner

March 1-April 15 Easter Egg Banner(to be purchased 2016)

April 16-May 30 Business Pole Banner

May 30-July 31 Freedom Fest Banner

Aug 1- Oct 1 Business Pole Banner

Oct 1-Nov 15 Scare on the Square Banner

Nov 15-Jan 2 Christmas Parade Banner

For questions regarding the Buy-A-Banner program, see any DDA member or email

Lafayette Fall Fundraiser Concert, September 26, 2015

The City of LaFayette in partnership with the Downtown Development Authority is excited to announce an upcoming fall concert fundraiser on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Ross-Abney Complex (old High School football stadium).

Since the new high school was built there have been many questions regarding the use of the old high school football stadium. Especially since thousands of local alumni have memories of their high school days in this area. A number of years ago the old decaying bleachers were removed and the building itself was closed off to the public.

The 2014 SPLOST package contained a budgeted $150,000 for the renovation of this project. However SPLOST is a six year package, and the city only took out bonds to repair our roads for our citizens, as they were our #1 priority. Future SPLOSTS revenue will be directed to this project as promised over the next few years, however, we would like to begin the process of making this facility a shining star once more.

At June City Council the purchase of 450 feet of fence and gates was approved for the Ross-Abney complex. We want to be absolutely clear that the walking track will remain open for use. We will be mending the missing sections of fence, installing new gates so that vehicles can no longer drive on the field or track, and installing multiple individual gates around the field and track.

We will be converting the old home bleachers side bank into a section of several grass terraced levels that will provide areas for folding chairs or blankets. We will also be building a new staircase coming down from the old main gate building to bring access to the field. We will be building a ticket booth at the south end of the field to be used for future events. This lot will feature handicap parking and other parking.

Parks & Recreation will be bringing Little League football back to this field in fall 2015, which will bring concessions and  other revenues back into the Recreation Department while also returning the field to its original intended use.

We are planning a large scale concert to be held on the field for Saturday, September 26, 2015. The purpose of this concert will be to raise funds for the Ross-Abney complex. We will be seeking multiple sponsorships for this project, and will be selling tickets to the event later this summer. Wristbands will be $8  in advance, $10 on day of the event. All proceeds from this event (after expenses) will be used for this project.

We cannot yet release the band name as we are still in the negotiation process. Watch for this announcement in the upcoming weeks.

Cornerstones Monument coming soon!

At June City Council a proposal was made to allow a Cornerstone Monument to be built near the other historical markers between Gordon Hall and the Marsh House.

This new brick monument with a granite capstone (designed by Ronald Underwood) will contain 3 historical Masonic cornerstones from long since demolished government buildings in Lafayette; including the 1883 Walker County Courthouse cornerstone, the 1920’s Walker County Jail cornerstone, and another Masonic cornerstone from Lafayette( that we have yet to determine it’s origin).

These cornerstones were placed as time capsules over a century ago, and were returned to Western Lodge #91 when the buildings were demolished. This project, estimated at $5000 will be funded privately through donations raised thru the local Masonic lodge.

When completed the monument will be dedicated at Heritage Day on Saturday, October 3rd 2015.

New Monument and Plaque File # 6  5-15-15

Parking Banners coming to downtown

Parking  banner














Lafayette has long standing issues with lack of public parking in the downtown area. To hopefully help ease the situation, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Design Committee has designed a parking banner to display on city public parking lots.

These banners were approved by City Council on April 14th. These parking banners are the same size as our existing pole banners, and will be hung at the Bank of Lafayette Community Room on E. Villanow Street, and the Courthouse parking lot below Dr. Levie’s office also on E. Villanow Street. Both of these lots are public parking areas, however many citizens do not realize they are available for their use.

These  banners will not replace any of the existing business banners, but will be hung on the opposite sides of the poles at these 2 parking lots. Watch for these new banners to be installed in mid-May.

The Downtown Development Authority meets monthly at Walker-Lafayette library in the board room, the 1st Tuesday night of the month at 6pm. The public is always invited to attend.

CDBG Presentation

The City of Lafayette will be applying for a $500,000 (CDBG) Community Development Block Grant to replace the water main on S. Chattanooga Street from Pattten Street to Pledger Pkwy. This requires a matching of $25,000, and a estimated leverage of $125,000 for the (estimated) project cost of $650,000.

Please email for more information.

CDBG Public Hearing

CDBG Presentation

The City of Lafayette will be applying for a $500,000 (CDBG) Community Development Block Grant to replace the water main on S. Chattanooga Street from Pattten Street to Pledger Pkwy. This requires a matching of $25,000, and a estimated leverage of $125,000 for the (estimated) project cost of $650,000.

Please email for more information.

CDBG Public Hearing