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Scare on the Square Pole Banners

Scare on the Square banner


















We are excited to announce the 4th banner in the Buy-A-Banner series. The Scare on the Square pole banners were approved at June City Council, and will debut these fall. These banners will be installed on existing hardware and will be on display from October 1st-November 15th.

The Buy-A-Banner program  began in 2013 with the purchase of 38 business sponsored pole banners. The business banner is the main banner on display in different times of the year with special event banners such as the Christmas Parade, Freedom Festival and now the Scare on the Square banner.

All special event banners are 100% through hotel/motel tax funds. Here’s our pole banner schedule:

Pole Banner Rotation schedule will be as follows (once all event banners are purchased)

Jan 1-Feb 28 Business Pole Banner

March 1-April 15 Easter Egg Banner(to be purchased 2016)

April 16-May 30 Business Pole Banner

May 30-July 31 Freedom Fest Banner

Aug 1- Oct 1 Business Pole Banner

Oct 1-Nov 15 Scare on the Square Banner

Nov 15-Jan 2 Christmas Parade Banner

For questions regarding the Buy-A-Banner program, see any DDA member or email mwilliams@cityoflafayettega.org

Freedom Festival Banners

We are proud to announce the 2nd banner in our rotating banner schedule: Freedom Festival. The Downtown Development Authority began the Buy-A-Banner program in early 2014. The first banners were business sponsored and are known as the general pole banners. Over 22 banners were sponsored and were placed the 1st week of May 2014.  We are developing a rotating banner schedule with the general pole banner(business sponsored), Freedom Festival, Scare on the Square, Christmas Parade, etc with the idea being to change the seasonal banners every 2 months. It will take several years to complete the rotating banner schedule due to banner costs.

The general banners were business sponsored at a cost of $225 per banner, and we are taking orders for the next set of 20. All other banners are special event (aka: Freedom Festival) and will be funded thru hotel/motel tax funds as promotion.

The Freedom Festival banners were designed by MOSCA who produced the 1st set of banners. These banners were approved by City Council in April 2014. These banners will be placed around mid June and will be displayed until early August, when the general banners will be reinstalled.

City of LaFayette GA mockup 4-15-14

Buy-A-Banner Program

The Downtown Development Authority is proud to announce the Buy-A-Banner Program. The Buy-A-Banner will be featuring 30″x72″ tall pole banners placed on power poles beginning with installation on Main Street(hwy 27).

Banners will be sponsored by local  businesses, 1 banner per business. Banners are 2 sided. All businesses choosing to sponsor pole banners must be businesses licensed in the city of Lafayette. All business names will use the same font & style and will be allowed 2 lines for their business name(as shown). No symbols or seals will be allowed. All banners must be approved by the DDA board. Banners will be installed on random poles on Main Street(businesses do not get to select banner location).

This banner design was prepared by the DDA committee and is based on the view of Lafayette from Skyland heights. No banners will be ordered until a minimum of 20 banners have been reserved and  paid for by local businesses. Banner sponsorships will be $225 per business. This is not a fundraiser for the DDA, rather this is a project to add aesthetic appeal to the downtown area while helping to promote our local businesses. Banners & Banner installation hardware will be financed thru business sponsorships. Businesses choosing to sponsor a banner will be on the banner for 3 years. If the banners become damaged during this 3 year period, banners will be replaced at no cost to the businesses. Similar business sponsored pole banner programs are used in Statesboro, Georgia, Stillwater, Oklahoma and Urbana, Illinois just to name a few.

Additional pole banners will be added in the future with special event banners such as Freedom Fest, City Christmas Parade, Scare on the Square, etc. These special event banners will be financed thru Hotel/Motel Tax Funds. Due to the cost of pole banners & other tourism promotion only 1 special event banner will be added per year beginning with Freedom Fest banner this summer. Once all special event banners are ordered(over a span of 4 years) all banners will be on a rotating schedule as seen  below.

Jan 1-Feb 28 General Pole Banner    March 1-April 15 Easter Egg hunt Banner

April 16-May 30 General Pole Banner May 30-July 31 Freedom Fest Banner

Aug 1- Sep 30 General Pole Banner   Oct 1-Nov 15 Scare on the Square Banner

Nov 15-12/31 Christmas Parade Banner

Businesses that are interested in sponsoring a banner should see any DDA member or email mwilliams@cityoflafayettega.org or just for questions.



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