Public Works

2776 Hwy 27 – Bypass / LaFayette, GA 30728 / (706) 639-1509

The LaFayette Public Works Department consists of four operations: streets and rights-of-way, solid waste, cemetery and city-wide vehicle maintenance.

Solid Waste and Sanitation

The solid waste department is responsible for the collection of residential and commercial garbage One time per week, including yard trimmings and leaf pickup from November thru February.  The department operates a recycle program which consist of unmanned recycle dumpsters.

According to the Sanitation Department:  “The sanitation department is now using one-arm trucks on all routes for refuse pick-up.  These trucks are more efficient because instead of using three men on one truck, we now only need one driver.   An arm reaches out from the side, picks up the can and dumps it into the vehicle.

We understand that everyone is used to the fact that they could sit their cans anyway and anyplace they wanted and it would still be emptied. This is not the case anymore.  The can must be sat a certain way or the arm will not be able to pick it up and your trash will not be emptied. Also, there must be a 4 foot clearance in all directions around the can. Even if you have two cans they must be sat 4 feet apart.  There is a metal bar that goes across the front of the can, it must be facing the road. Lid closed.

“If you usually sit out your can on a back alley or narrow street, we ask that you now place it on the closest paved road. The new truck is a lot bigger than the old. We do not want to damage any of your property in any way.

“All cans must be sat out be 5:00 A.M. on the morning of pick up. The driver will not be able to send guys back to get the cans that were sat out late if he has already gone by the address.

“There can be no bags around the can. Only bags that are within the can will be picked up. The reason for this is the arm will tear the bags and trash will be all over your yard.

“We understand that we are asking a lot of each and every one of you. And we ask for your patience. In the end, we believe everyone will be happier with the change.”

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The street department is responsible for all maintenance of city  streets, including drainage, street sweeping, sidewalk repair and improvement, asphalt paving and patching, roadside mowing and sign maintenance.

Vehicle Maintenance

The vehicle maintenance department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the city’s equipment, including lawn mowing equipment, automobiles, light to medium trucks and heavy equipment.

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