City Lake


Queen City lake entrance is located on Round Pond Road just past LaFayette High School.  The lake was built as a water reservoir but is open for fishing and several other recreation activities.

Listed below are the ordinances set by the City of LaFayette.

Sec. 16-6. Queen City Lake regulations.

(a)  The following regulations shall be observed at Queen City Lake:

(1)    All provisions of the state department of natural resources, game  and fish commission are to be observed, including limits and quantities of daily catch;

(2)    Hours shall be sunrise to sunset;

(3)    No alcoholic beverages;

(4)    No fishing from the residential areas without permission of property owner:

(5)    No littering, all trash to be removed;

(6)    Keep off dam and spillways;

(7)    No gasoline-powered motors allowed on lake.

(b)  The provisions of this section will be enforced by the city police department and the state department of natural resources, game and fish commission.


Queen City of the Highlands